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Winalite Sales Compensation
Success Unlimited, a powerful name in E-commerce sector of China, dedicates itself to upgrade the basic operation flow of direct sales, which aims at making it more professional, specific and commercialized. To occupy larger market share in the global market, Success Unlimited enlarges the network structure through the network system operational strategy, as well as provides system with excellent management talents by recruiting the elite force. With credit, respect, praise, gratitude and cooperation as its culture, Success Unlimited transfers product advantage and network advantage of the company to system cultural advantage, from system cultural advantage to industry advantage, from industry advantage to stable project advantage, and achieve ultimate freedom though cooperation!

Success Unlimited provides powerful educational training as well as support to the tool flow. Every leader of Success Unlimited is the elite of the industry. Success Unlimited accumulates their valuable experience to form a powerful economic entity, building a mutual benefit interactive cooperation platform. Success Unlimited enables every business partner to develop from personal growth, mature to success, and ultimately establish an everlasting success system! Success Unlimited is now creating an industry wonder with WINALITE International, and proving to others that we are a winners’ team, and we are the proud of our nation!
System Vision: Our vision is to create the most respectable system in the world.

System Mission: Through a team of mutually cooperating leaders, we will help others to build their own international business; from personal growth, maturity to success, eventually creating an everlasting success system, leading to ultimate freedom.

System Objective: To place utmost importance on honesty and integrity.
Be committed to build a great wall of hearts.
To help you enrich your life!

System Culture: Trust, Respect, Praise, Gratitude, Cooperation

System Value: Helping others is always our top priority.

System Concept:
One world, One team, One dream!
Team up with people you can trust!
Without you, we cannot succeed!

System Slogan: Excellence Forever, Success Together!

System Mascot: wide goose



New distributers can choose any of the 4 diffirent entry levels during their registration
1. Silver Member - USD $ 105 - you will get 1 box of product
2. Gold Member - USD $ 450 - you will get 5 boxes of product
3. Platinum Member - USD $ 1,060 - you will get 12 boxes of product
4. Diamond Member  - USD $ 2,610 - you will get 30 boxes of product


Read more about all levels and compensation plan
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