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Under normal situation, air molecule or atom is neutral, with such ionization sources as the rays, UV, microelement radiation or lighting strike, air molecule may lose some electrons which rotating surrounding the atomic nucleus, these free electrons have negative charge, and may combine with other neutral air molecule which may have negative charge, which is air anion. Anion is colorless and tasteless with negative charge and intensive adsorption, and can adsorb particles in the air with the functions of removing dust and killing bacterium. Anion in the air is significant like vitamins in foods since is the praised as the “air vitamin”, “longevity essence” and “air cleaning agent”.
   Anion is very important for human health since it features outstanding combining ability and can collect and neutralize dust, bacterium and virus which have positive charge, and can penetrate into cells, kill virus and protect human body. The more anions in the air, the less virus, when the concentration of anion reaches certain value, there isn't virus.
  The content of anion of every cubic centimeter air is about 40-50 in urban residents, 100-200 in the urban sky, 700-1000 in the sky of field, and more than 5000 in the mountainous area. Anion in the air is important for human health. If there're too many positive ions or few anions in the air, it may cause fatigue, dizziness, migraine, depression and tachypnea, and above symptoms may disappear if air with 1200 anions / cubic centimeters enters into body. If the number of anion indoor reaches 1500, it can powerfully improve mood, and it can assist concentration and improve work efficiency. Therefore, anion is the necessary factor for health and longevity. According to the regulations of WHO, the content of anion in fresh air shall not less than 1000 / cubic centimeters. People don't suffer from inflammation and are healthy and longevous in some environments (such as mountainous area) since there're plenty of anions in the air.
The benefit of anion in medical care and health care has also aroused wide attention in recent years. After years of effort, Shenzhen Yuelang Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the functional and health care sanitary napkin of which features high additional value and high technology and has been authorized the state patent. Love Moon anion chip can generate 5800 anions / cubic centimeter, which can effectively inhibit the survival and duplication of virus and bacterium which cause colpitis. Almost all gynecological inflammations are caused by anaerobe, Love Moon anion chip can generate concentrated anion and plenty of dissociative oxygen, thoroughly change the anaerobic environment, promote the formulation of biological enzyme, balance PH value, promote metabolism, improve internal secretion and immunity, regularize pressure, resist bacterium, eliminate odor and relieve fatigue with pure physical treatment. Care women's health with high technology, it is positive and beneficial for women.
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