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Q:   The Dynamic Sets sold by Winalite Distributors list several companies. Are these all "Winalite companies"?
A:    Yes.
Shen Zhen Yue Lang Technology Company is the principal legal entity of the Winalite family of companies. . In China companies are often required to reflect in their names the place of registration. So although the company's world headquarters is in Guangzhou, China, the company was originally registered in nearby Shen Zhen.   This Company is owned by the Chen family. 

"Winalite", as the anglicized pronunciation of "Yue Lang", is the name by which the company operates outside of China (and increasingly inside of China as well.)   The operating entity in the Philippines, legally established pursuant to all regulations, is Winalite International, Inc. This company, like Winalite companies established   in other countries, is also owned by the Chen family.

Foshan Shunde Magic Sanitary Product Company, registered in Foshan China, is the principal manufacturer of all Winalite products.  The Chen family ownership in this company dates from 1989 and has been family controlled since 1992.  The rapidly growing number of orders in recent months has exceeded the company's capacity and necessitated the use from time to time of third party manufacturers. These manufacturers operate under the direction of Foshan Shunde Magic Sanitary Product Company, and must conform in every respect to the product specifications and high standards of Winalite. A new and larger manufacturing facility is in the planning stage to meet the huge and growing demand for Winalite products.

It is anticipated that the Chen family will register additional companies as these may be needed to support the expansion and proper management of Winalite.   Collectively, these companies are known as the Winalite Family of Companies, all owned by the Chen family.

Q:  Does any part of the Winalite Sanitary Napkin come from Japan?
A:   Yes.  The outer liner which facilitates air flow and the excellent "breathability" of the product is sourced under license from a manufacturer in Japan. In order to safeguard our distributor's opportunity, it is the policy of Winalite not to disclose its technical suppliers.

Q:  Does Winalite have any patent on the products?
A:   Shen Zhen Yue Lang Technologies Company has a patent for the use of a negative ion strip on the surface of sanitary napkins.   This 20 year patent was first granted in China and has since been registered in many countries.  From time to time, Winalite has become aware that other manufacturer in China are in violation of this patent, and has successfully sought the assistance of government authorities to sanction or close such facilities.

Q:  How does "love moon" fit with the Winalite line of products?
A:  "Love moon" is the product brand name associated with the Winalite sanitary napkin.   "Love moon" is an abbreviated translation from Chinese of the concept, represented by the three Chinese symbols {"moon, moon, and love"}.  The Chinese calendar measures months from full moon to full moon, and thus references to "moon" are also to "month".   The characters for "moon, moon, love" thus also mean "month, month, love", or "love month after month".  More specifically, the fuller Chinese meaning of these characters is "you will love it [your period, the products] month after month."   This is a very apt description of Winalite's products, which consistently deliver an excellent experience to women every where who have come to "love" using Winalite products, "month after month".   In short . . . "love moon".

 About the product

Q:  What benefits shall I get from Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins?
A: Love Moon Sanitary Napkins is the first and only hygienic antibacterial sanitary napkins in the market today. Helps prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminates odor and promotes comfort during menstrual period.  

Q:  What is the maximum capacity of our Love Moon: a.) Day Use b.) Night Use and  c.) Panty Liners?
A:  Maximum absorption capacity for  Day Use:80-100ML. Night Use: 100-150ML. For Panty liner, we can not quantify as to how many mL, because panty liner is intended for daily secretions only.

Q:  Follow up question to #1: How many hours can we use Love Moon Sanitary Napkins?
A:  It is advisable to change each pad every 3 hours, even if it is not yet soiled.

Q:  What is the cause why the surface of our panty liners would turn to be woolly or wool like during use.
A:  First layer of Love Moon Panty Liner is made of 100% pure cotton. It tend to be “woolly” due to friction and when its fully soiled. Again, it is advisable to change Love Moon Panty liner every 3 hours.

Q:  What are the reasons why some Love Moon pads had does not have anion strip?
A:  Please ask the distributor to return Love Moon Sanitary napkins to the office and we will replace it with a new one. This is a “production defect” which may happen once on every million production. Our manufacturing plant is doing its best effort to monitor and properly regulate the speed of the machine as not to happen this kind of incident.

Q: What’s the reason for some people to experience a stronger flow of menstruation?
A: The negatively charged ion or what we call “anion strip”, assists in regularizing the blood flow. On your first few days of continuous usage of Love Moon Sanitary Napkin, you will notice the increase   blood flow. If this happens, do not be alarmed; just continue to use the said product.

Q: Is Love Moon panty liner safe for pregnant women?
A: It is not recommended for pregnant since one of the effects of the anion strip is to regularize blood flow. Due to the absence of any medical basis, we don't recommend Love Moon Pantiliner for use by women on their first trimester of pregnancy.

Q:  What is the specific material of the Anion Strip and the Polygel?
A:  Both are made from food grade materials. The Anion Strip is made of algae plant while polygel is made of corn extract.

Q: Is there any test to prove that Love Moon Sanitary Napkins is hygienic and prevent growth of bacteria?
A: Yes, there is.  There was a test conducted last May 2007 by South China Testing Center of Textile Industry using Japan Industrial Standards Committee Anti-Bacterium Test Standard.  The objective of the test is to confirm the Anti bacterial effect of the anion strip, particularly on Staphylococcus aureus  a type of bacteria  that can cause a range of illnesses from minor skin infections, such as pimples, impetigo, boils, cellulitis and abscesses, to life-threatening diseases, such as pneumonia, meningitis, endocarditis, Toxic shock syndrome (TSS), and septicemia. The result showed that anion strip “HAS ANTI-BACTERIAL PROPERTY TO STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS”. With 99.9%    RATE OF BACTERIUM KILLING.

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